Volvo Skid Steer Loader List
Volvo Skid Steer Loader List

Skid steer loaders are tracked loaders. They are designed to move over rough terrain without the use of tires. Skid steers are also known as compact track loaders, mini diggers, or mini excavators.

A skid steer loader is a type of tracked loader that offers the benefits of all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering with increased manoeuvrability, increased lift height, and rubber tracks which can be used on both hard surfaces and soft terrain.

Model Net Power Operating Load Rating
MCT125C 72.6hp -
MCT125D 54.1hp -
MCT135C 72.6hp -
MCT135D 54.1hp -
MCT85C 45.1hp -
MC135D 72.5hp -
MC60B 45.3hp 1400lb
MC60C 35.5hp -
MC60 - 1350lb
MC70B 53hp 1500lb
MC70C 41.5hp -
MC70 - 1500lb
MC80B 65.2hp 1850lb
MC80 - 1750lb
MC85C 41.1hp -
MC90B 80.5hp 2000lb
MC90 - 2000lb
MC95C 41.1hp -
MCT110C 72.6hp -
MCT110D 54.1hp -
MC100C 54.1hp -
MC105C 54.1hp -
MC110B 80.5hp 2400lb
MC110C 84hp 2250lb
MC110D 72.5hp -
MC110 - 2300lb
MC115C 84hp 2600lb
MC115D 72.5hp -
MC135C 92hp 3000lb